The information contained in this report is provided in compliance with the Oklahoma Open Records Act, 51 O.S. § 24A.1. Use of this information is governed by this act, as well as other applicable state and federal laws.


Walter Leugene Wright Jr., falsely personate another to create liability (F), driving with license cancelled/suspended/revoked (M)

James Randle Moore, driving motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol (AFC) (F), operating a motorcycle w/o license and endorsement (M), failure to carry insurance/security verification form (M)

David Allen Roberts, grand larceny

Julie Coffman, feloniously pointing firearm (F) (three counts)

Troy Dean Starkey, unauthorized use of vehicle

Amy Elizabeth Weaver, grand larceny


All Homes, LLC v. Krystle Devore, et al, forcible entry & detainer

Deerfield Springs MHC Ltd. v. Samuel Gomez, et al, forcible entry & detainer

Deerfield Springs MHC Ltd. v. Sandra Vanover, et al, forcible entry & detainer

A Family Loan Company v. Lynne A. Loyd, indebtedness

A Family Loan Company v. Joshua J. Temple, indebtedness

Bank of Commerce v. Bradley R. Hull, indebtedness

Interstate Realty Management dba v. Laci Rohde, forcible entry & detainer

Darla Akin v. Brooke Kennedy, indebtedness


Krystal Chisum and Joe Chisum, divorce

G. Jones v. D. Jones, divorce

Jason Marsh and Christina Marsh, divorce

Brittany Michelle Pitts and Nicholas Allen Pitts, divorce

Katy Breanne Layne v. Robert N. Layne, divorce


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