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With the approval of a new task order, the city is one step closer to completing the Fredrick Road project.

This week, a task order for $228,458 for the final design and surveying work on the project was approved.

"As you might remember, in September of 2019 you approved the preliminary design contract that included the traffic study and preliminary design. After MKEC completed the preliminary design, we approved. This task order takes us through final construction plans, right of way acquisition and basically getting ready for construction," said city engineer Garret Ball. "We plan to start right of way acquisition as soon as they clean up some of the feedback we gave them on preliminary plans."

He said factoring in right of way acquisitions and utility relocations, they are hoping to begin construction mid-way through 2021.

Ball said this project, "Will eliminate the two stop signs on the south side of Lowe so Fredrick will flow free up to new country club road. Three-way intersection on new Raven Road connection."


Traffic on Frederick Road is expected to nearly double by 2024.

Multiple ongoing projects prompted the city to hire a firm to do a traffic study on Frederick Road. The $158,000 project's findings were presented to the council this week.

"This was a traffic study of the entire corridor from Highway 66 to Interstate 44, and Flint Road to Country Club. The number one purpose of the study is to determine the roadway section that's needed for the new Frederick Road that we're going to extend from Highway 20 up to Raven Road," said city engineer Garrett Ball. "In this study, the engineer of the project does a traffic count on all the intersecting streets and determines the volume, they then project that volume out for 20 years."

The resulting information, Ball said, comes with a recommendation of how many lanes and what types of signalization is appropriate.

"With all of the growth in that area we decided to have them study that entire corridor versus just the roadway itself," he said.

The growth, he said, will significantly change traffic flow in the area.

"Depending where you are on Fredrick the numbers vary, but just north of Flint is about 2,500 cars per day currently and north of Market St. is about 4,400 cars per day currently. After the new highway is built just north of the new highway the projected for 2045 is 7,700 cars per day and 6,800 cars per days respectively," he said.

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