Seven Claremore intersections are being upgraded from camera detection systems to radar systems.

In 2018, the sitting city council approved upgrading the intersections in the downtown corridor.

"It was decided after these were installed to not budget them for the next fiscal year to see how they operate due to the cost. After that year it was determined they work every well," said Jonah Humes, Public Works Administrator. "There are seven different intersections in this round. After that there will only be five remaining until we are fully upgraded."

The intersections being upgraded this round are on the Highway 66 corridor at King Road, Country Club, New Country Club Stuart Roosa and Lowry. And along Highway 20 by Southaven and Trailwood.

Humes said by utilizing a sole source agreement with SignalTek now, they are getting a five year warranty as compared the previous two year standard warranty.

"I started looking at how many issues our maintenance guys came out for related to the camera detection system in a three year period. It was 76 calls," Humes said. "We've only had one call for the radar system and that was because a large load truck bumped the sensor and they had to put it back in position. So, as far as operation goes, it's a superior product."

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