Kaleb Devan Dry

Gang-related offenses and intimidation of a witness, both felony charges, were filed against a Rogers County man this week.

Rogers County District Court records show charges were field against Kaleb Devan Dry.

Records filed by Rogers County Sheriff's Office states that Dry is a convicted felon, having been convicted of a felony charge of "placing obscene/threatening/harassing phone calls" in 2012.

"The Oklahoma Department of Corrections Office of Security Threats Intelligence verified Dry is a validated member of the 52 Hoover Crips since Feb. 14, 2017 due to self-admission and tattoos," according to RCSO.

Dry is currently on probation for robbery, breaking and entering and obstructing an officer and is under Rogers County parole supervision.

The parole officer reported that she contacted Dry on May 2 via text to discuss his GPS violations.

"Dry was directed to ensure his GPS battery was not allowed to die. Dry then called [me] and was upset about the text message," she reported, adding that she recognized both the voice and number as belonging to Dry. "During the phone call he stated 'Revoke my probation, I don't care. Just so you know I know where to find you and Holmes. you all are ready to find. And if I go back, I got ties to a gang, so yeah, I can still contact them and make sure something happens."

The officer clarified that Holmes is another parole officer officed within RSCO.

Records show the officer learned later that same day that charges were being filed in another country as a judge received threats from Dry. Those threats were recorded and charges were filed.

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