Over 170 grams of marijuana, and paraphernalia, were reportedly located in a bed with a child in a Claremore drug arrest.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office's "Thug Taskforce" executed a search warrant at a Claremore residence known as a "party house" according to RCSO records.

RCSO reports show they received multiple tips regarding a residence on 4180 Road in Claremore, and ultimately served the warrant Tuesday.

"Investigators discovered, after months of surveillance that Bradyn Remund, Trenton Basks, Ryan Woods, and Daniel Cowan were distributing a large amount of high-grade marijuana from a residence less than 250-feet from Sequoyah Public Schools and had been for some time," according to RCSO.

"Investigators also arrested Lori Remund and Mario Wamago for charges of Possession of marijuana, maintaining a dwelling where drugs are kept, contributing to a minor, social hosting and four counts of child neglect among others," RCSO reports.

Investigators add that two of the children present in the home were in foster care and were removed from the home.

RCSO investigators report that they recovered over 170 grams of marijuana, scales, baggies, and paraphernalia hidden in one of the children's beds under the covers which was occupied by one of the children once Investigators made entrance into the residence. Over 30 items of paraphernalia was discovered along with smaller amounts of marijuana all over the property in different room's buildings and travel trailers, which where all accessible to the children and had been observed by Investigators coming and going from some of these locations over the course of the investigation. Investigators seized all items of paraphernalia, marijuana, cell phones, and over $5,000 dollars in US currency."

All six were transported to Rogers County Jail for booking. Investigators say they expect additional arrests to follow as the investigation continues.