Grants to improve mapping, communication for 911 Center

Two grants are allowing for upgraded technology at the Rogers County 911 Center, one to update mapping that has been unchanged since 2015.

Rogers County has been awarded two separate grants, both aimed at improving mapping and communication for area law enforcement and the 911 Center.

First, the county accepted a $134,244.66 "call taking equipment grant" for an equipment upgrade at the Rogers County 911 Center.

Commissioner Ron Burrows said the grant includes a 20 percent match, which will be split between the city and the county.

The county was also the recipient of a $52,570 GIS Mapping/Addressing Grant.

911 Center Director Vicki Atchley said, "This is for our Spillman Cad system. Our mapping in CAD hasn't been updated since 2015, so subdivisions on the west side, like Stone Canyon, are not in our system and we can't verify addresses."

She said the 20 percent match on this grant will also be split between city and county.

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