Jamaal Bailey

Jamaal Bailey has been sentenced to 28-years in prison for rape and kidnapping.

Sentencing was following a blind plea on charges of rape by instrumentation, first degree rape, kidnapping and robbery. Bailey was sentenced to 28-years on each count, to run concurrently.

"Most importantly, the survivor of Bailey's violent attack is very happy with the sentence and feels a good measure of justice has been served. Personally, I'm very proud of my SVU prosecutor and all of my staff who forward my mission of keeping victim rights as a top priority," said Rogers County District Attorney Matt Ballard.

In May, 2017, Bailey was arrested by Claremore Police Department.

“The victim reported she told the defendant she did not want to have sex with him. The victim reported that the defendant choked her unconscious and used a sexual apparatus to tie at least her hands and feet,” records show. “She reported he punched her multiple times in the face.”

The victim told law enforcement she feared she was going to die.

She also disclosed that Bailey “forced her into a vehicle and drove to several locations in Tulsa,” and that she was “bound by her hands and feet” in the vehicle.

Bailey threatened violence against her family if she went to the police, records show. Eventually, Bailey drove her back to her residence .

Bailey was interviewed and “denied ever having been inside the victim’s residence. ..And denied having any sexual contact with the victim at all.”

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