Kairee Cooks

On May 16, three men entered the residence of 22-year old Dakota Rex, armed with handguns and the intent to commit a robbery.

This week, one of the three men, Kairee Cooks, entered a guilty plea and received a 15-year sentence.

Claremore Police Department reports that on Thursday, upon receiving a plea agreement with the state, Cook entered a guilty plea on charges of manslaughter in the first degree, robbery, possession of a firearm in commission of a felony and assault while masked or disguised.

"Cooks is the link in this case," said CPD Deputy Chief Steve Cox.

CPD says Cooks did not shoot and kill Dakota Rex, but he was the reason the other two were in Claremore, that he orchestrated the events that led to the death of Dakota Rex.

CPD reports that Cooks has provided testimony against the other two defendants, that are still pending.

The robbery, homicide

In the early morning hours of May 16, 2017, three young black males entered a home at 609 South Maryland Avenue in Claremore. The suspects were armed with handguns and robbed the occupants of the home. Before leaving, the suspects shot and killed Rex. Investigators believe the people at this home were targeted for robbery instead of a random act," CPD Deputy Chief Steve Cox said at the time.

In August, two of the three individuals were arrested: Cooks, and Marquise Petey White.

In the days following the first arrests, the third suspect, Dairon Brown, was also taken into custody.