Haberdashery hosts Father's Day event

Pictures above is competitor JD Bain.

The Haberdashery General Manager Samantha Dunaway discusses the upcoming third annual Haber”DAD”shery Beard Contest.

1. What are the rules of the beard competition?

The main rule is to simply have fun with it. Each category will have an entry fee. You can enter as many categories as long as you meet criteria. All decisions of the judges are final. Poor sportsmanship will be cause for elimination. All competitors give permission to the organizers to be photographed.

2. What are the categories for the beard competition?

• Long Beard Category- Looking for the best long beard in the whole 918! Beards must be four inches past the lower lip.

• Short Beard Category- Can’t or won’t grow out your beard? That’s okay; we understand the struggle. Bring it anyway! Beards must be no longer than four inches past the lower lip.

• Dapper Beard- Judging for the best-looking beard of the bunch, no matter the length! Must have used a beard tool or styling aide in some way i.e blow dryer or straightener, etc.

• Freestyle Beard Category- The one that everyone wants to see. You’ve waited all year for this moment and now is your chance. Get creative! Get crazy! May the most outgoing beard win!

• Freestyle Mustache Category- I must-ache you a question (mustache pun); do you think you got what it takes to win this category? Accepting anyone with facial hair upon their upper lip! Anyone bearded or not can compete in this category but only the mustache quality will be judged. Styling aides allowed.

• “Tom Selleck” Mustache - the name speaks for itself.

• Beer Soaker Mustache - similar to the Tom Selleck but thicker and longer!

We can’t forget our ladies....

• Women’s Beard - real or fake we won’t judge.... Add glitz, glam, sparkle, flowers, whatever you want! Let’s bring our A game this year ladies!

3. Where did the idea for this event originate?

We wanted a way to give back to the community and to our youth. What better way to make a positive impact than with Volunteers For Youth Rogers County. Volunteers for Youth offers youth-serving programs – PAL, BLAST, TSET/HLP, PFS and the Drug Free Communities project. The programs are solely supported by individual contributions, grants and fundraisers.

4. How will this event impact the community?

We have collaborated to make this year's event bigger and better enabling us to help make a greater impact for Volunteers For Youth, a nonprofit doing great things in our community. The Haberdashery will be donating 100% of competitor entry fees. Smoke & Tonic will be joining us with a Beard & Bourbon event. They have brought in Prairie Wolf Spirits presenting the new “Same Old Moses” Oklahoma Bourbon! This bourbon is not even available anywhere until July 1st. We will be the first place to try it before it hits the shelves. Tastings will be 1oz pours for $5, with 100% donated during the event as well.

5. How can the community get involved with the event?

Join us as a competitor or simply come watch. It is a fun time for entrants and guests alike. Last year we added a women’s category, it was such a hit that we added it in our regular lineup. If you can’t make the event on June 19 there will be a link provided on The Haberdashery and Smoke & Tonic event pages for direct donation. We will also have information about Volunteers For Youth and their programs on hand that day.

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