Healthy Community Coalition receives certification

It was an announcement met with a round of applause at the Healthy Community Partnership/Rogers County Coalition meeting.

All their efforts have paid off and the coalition just received word they've earned their County Health Improvement Organization certification.

Laura Ross-White shared that, CHIO certifications are "granted to coalitions meeting enhanced standards for collaboration through their collaborative work and strategic alignment of partnerships."

The certification process is facilitated by the Public Health Institute of Oklahoma.

Through countless hours of work, projects and initiatives, the Healthy Community Partnership/Rogers County coalition has recognition that they "utilize their county's health indicators to advance health equity through evidence-based practices and strategies at a local level."

The collation, as with everything they do, is excited about what the certification means for the community.

White provided documentation outlining those benefits:

•Linkage to opportunities which have a larger impact on community health through partnerships with healthcare providers

•Increased access to available funding

•County-based initiatives and teamwork

•Enhanced ability to attract and retain healthcare providers within the community

•Local learning opportunities