Inmates evacuated, housed in Rogers County

Inmates evacuated from Ottawa County Jail were brought to Rogers County Jail Tuesday afternoon and will remain there for at least three weeks.

The Rogers County Jail inmate headcount jumped by 40 people as a transport unloaded this afternoon.

Some 40 inmates were booked into what will be their temporary home for the next three weeks.

"Ottawa County recently had a jail fire, which closed their jail down. I think they're close to a fix for that, this isn't a permanent situation. For a few weeks we're going to house about 40 of their prisoners," said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton. "Right now, we're in a position we can do it."

He said he wanted to make it clear: " I'm not spending Rogers county taxpayer dollars to feed these prisoners, they're providing food and staff to take care of them."

Walton said they spoke to both the jail inspector and their legal representation before agreeing to help out.

"They're a neighbor, they need some help, and it's no financial burden to us. Is it an inconvenience? Sure, for everybody," Walton said. "But sometime we may have our hand out asking for a favor…This is just the thing to do."

The Associated Press reports that a total of 110 inmates had to be evacuated and relocated to surrounding jails following an electrical fire on Oct. 20.

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