Editor’s Note: Story contains content some may find graphic in nature.

Bed bugs and unsanitary living conditions were cited in an Inola child neglect case.

Tara Martin, 32, Inola, is facing felony charges of child neglect in Rogers County.

Law enforcement was told at least one of four children was “ate up” with bed bugs and that, for at least two months, there had been neither running water nor electricity at the residence.

“The children are taken to the lake to shower in the bathrooms,” officers were told. “The children complain that they are hungry when they are with their mother.”

Sgt. Buck and Cpl. Hunter went to the Inola residence to conduct a welfare check.

At the residence, the two were told that the power and water had been shut off.

Sgt. Buck reported seeing two pool inflatables in the living room that served as beds for two of the juveniles.

“Sgt. Buck also noticed dozens of cockroaches crawling around the residence,” records show.

Buck’s report also states, “The refrigerator, which was turned off and empty, had a very foul odor and bugs crawling on the inside and outside. There was a substance that appeared to be mold growing inside.”

He noted unhygienic conditions in regards to the toilet and bathtub of the residence.

Martin is quoted in telling the officers they cook food on a grill, and go to Fort Gibson Lake every other day to shower.

Felony child neglect charges were filed against Martin Tuesday.