The Claremore Jail Authority (CJA) is under capacity for the first time in four years, said Claremore Mayor Bill Flanagan.

The jail has an official capacity of 250. In previous years, the jail housed as many as 330 inmates at one time.

Flanagan announced Monday that the current number of inmate is hovering around 200.

“We started studying the problem of overcrowding about a year and a half ago,” Flanagan said. “We had defense attorneys, the DA’s Office, the judges, the Sheriff’s Office and the Claremore Police Department and we spent at least 80 hours working on this issue. We had everybody at the table trying to work on this common problem.”

Flanagan said the Rogers County Jail was one of a handful in the state that took action and reduced their inmate totals.

“Citizens ended up benefitting, because the cost of a new jail was estimated at $500 per square-foot,” Flanagan said.

In addition to the success of efforts to reduce crowding, the jail will soon see renovations to make previously administrative rooms into additional cells for housing, which will add approximately 50 beds.

“We think that we are going to be able to squeeze another five years of life out of that facility,” Flanagan said. “That is a win, win, win. And it came about as a result of everybody working together.”