In recognition of International Women's Month, Claremore High School nominated five "Leading Ladies of CHS" whose hard work and dedication have improved Claremore High School for their better during their academic career. These leading ladies will be featured each week of March.

Name and grade: Chloe Zickefoose, 12th

Extra-curricular involvement: President of National Honor Society, President of Native American Club, Vice President of Young Republicans, member of Students Against Destructive Decisions, American Sign Language Club, Student Council, Freshman Utilizing the Zebra Experience, leader of the Red Army and Zebra Television and News.

Outside of school: Representative for District 14 on the Cherokee Nation Tribal Youth Council

A 140 character tweet that describes you:

I am Classy and Elegant like Audrey Hepburn,

Bubbly, determined go-getter like Elle Woods,

And a witty headstrong girl like Fanny Brice.

The mentor or role model who inspired you and why:

When I think about who inspired not only my personal demeanor but also my style and fashion I can not help but thank Audrey Hepburn. As a young girl I grew up watching any film starring Audrey Hepburn and reading any book about her, I quickly began to admire the woman she was and the respect she received. I not only fell in love with her on-screen but also how she carried herself off-screen. Audrey Hepburn was not only the epitome of grace, elegance, modesty, and compassion but she did so much for others in her humanitarian work as well. She never missed an opportunity to give back to others, while also leading as a wonderful role model celebrity as well. While she did so much for the movie world and third world countries, she never missed an opportunity to dominate the fashion world as well. I owe my inspiration for my career goals, charitable community service aspirations, and my vintage yet elegant wardrobe to Audrey Hepburn and the example she set over 60 years before I was born. One of her famous quotes that I love and wish to express as my life mantra is, “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

If you knew me better you’d know I …

If you knew me better you would know I am a huge family girl and often spend my time cheering on my little brother in football and wrestling, alongside my mother and father. When I am not at a sporting event you can catch me reading a good book or watching an old movie with my best friend/mom. I thoroughly enjoy thrifting and finding unique vintage inspired outfits, hunting, fishing, being outdoors, writing, drawing, painting, and keeping myself up to date on political campaigns or what is going on in the world. I am a big time old soul and I am often told I was born in the wrong generation, which i could not agree with more. I am actively involved in my church, Claremore First Baptist and value my faith immensely. As a member of my tribe, I am actively involved with the Cherokee Nation and spend a lot of my time going to tribal meetings and doing my duties as a representative of the Cherokee Nation Tribal Youth Council. I love any opportunity to learn a new skill and expand my knowledge on new subjects.

Why is it important to get involved and make a difference in high school?

I feel that to get the full experience and get the most out of High School you HAVE TO GET involved. At CHS there are so many opportunities to find your niche and everyone should take full advantage of those opportunities! It opens so many doors and expands on so many skills you may not know you even had. I view High School as the first “big” step to make your mark on the real world, embrace your differences, do what makes you happy, join that club, go out for that sport, and don't care what people think because ultimately at the end of the day it all about what impact you had and if you're satisfied with what you have done. Make the most out of High School, get through the short four years and ENJOY them because they go so fast.

What are your dreams for your future?

My goals and dreams for my future include attending the University of Arkansas and gaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. After achieving my Bachelor’s, I intend on becoming a Counselor/Therapist and work specifically with Special Needs Children. I have had a heart and love for Special Needs children from an early age, I felt called to this profession to utilize the creativity and empathy skills that God has blessed me with. I look forward to the connections and impacts that I will be able to make. I can not wait for the next chapter of my life and to fully experience all of the great plans God has in store for me.

What legacy do you want to leave here at CHS?

The legacy I hope to leave behind at CHS is to be a light in someone else's day. My favorite Bible verse and the words written on my soul living my day to day life is, Matthew 5:13-16, “You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world”. To all the underclassmen and those that come through CHS, be a light of the world and impact those around you. Make it a small goal to impact at least one person as you go through your day. I hope the legacy I leave will inspire other students to be a light for others as well. Smile at someone in the hallway because you never know the impact that may have, offer some kind words to the student you wouldn't normally talk to, and lastly let your presence illuminate those you encounter.

Favorite piece of pop culture and why (book, movie, tv-show, podcast, band, social media influencer):

My Favorite movie is Funny Girl starring Barbra Streisand. I have loved this movie from an early age for a number of reasons, aside from my deep love for old films. I have always adored and admired this film for its witty comedy, lovely message, and a catchy soundtrack that I indeed know every word too. Barbra Streisand’s character, Fanny Brice instantly grabbed my heart and I resonated with her almost immediately, so much so that I named my car after her. Fanny’s unbelievable ability to embrace her differences and be sure of what she wanted from life, is something I have in the back of my mind constantly and an outlook I also try to emulate. While this film was adapted in 1968 it still holds true to this 17 year old in modern day 2020.

What do you love about Claremore Public Schools?

I love the faculty and teachers at Claremore. They truly care and invest in the students and their futures. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced some of my favorite teachers at Claremore High School. The immense amount of opportunities to help the students here at Claremore achieve goes to show the care and time our faculty and teachers invest.

How long have you been in CPS?

I joined the Zebra herd my freshman year.

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