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This weekend I’m helping to officiate my brothers wedding, and my other brother got married over the summer. So I’m in the wedding mood. I realize that’s probably supposed to be more of springtime thing, but who cares. Weddings are great. They are great in real life and in fiction. They are cute, often funny or dramatic, and memorable. I love a good old celebration of love. So, while it might seem like a weird thing to do the weekend following Halloween, I present to you my favorite television weddings. Queue yourself up some of these on your streaming service of choice. Consider it like a palate cleanser for all the spookiness or just an excuse to binge and eat on sale candy. Either way, you won’t regret it.

I’m gonna start out with a “love stinks” kind of wedding with Ross and Emily’s wedding in the Friends episode “The One with Ross’s Wedding”. I generally have the kind of hot take that Friends is overrated. But this episode and the arc it opens into about Monica and Chandler’s secret relationship is the show’s best work. It has all the things that make for a great wedding episode. A lot of drama, some laughs, and a great setting. Plus, there’s that cliffhanger ending. Watch it on Netflix while it’s still there.

Boy Meets World’s wedding episode “It’s About Time” is basically the wish fulfillment of every high schooler convinced their significant other was the one. But it also has a bunch of other things that make for a great Boy Meets World episode. Older brother Eric in some kind of impossible scenario. Cory being extremely neurotic. But it also realistically deals with the way that marriage can change and stress friendships. Even though it does end with the typical Boy Meets World “let’s resolve the conflict in under 30 minutes” resolution, it also doesn’t pretend that resolution is easy. Also, Topanga’’s dress was awesome and Cory’s vows were great: “The only thing that ever made sense to me was you ... and how I felt about you”. I mean, if that’s not an ode to young love I don’t know what it is. You can stream Boy Meets World on Hulu right now.

Lastly, New Girl’s “Landing Gear.” featuring the wedding of Schmidt and CeCe. First, it’s just a beautiful wedding. Every bit of set and costume design for the big moments is perfect. It’s my favorite TV wedding from a purely visual standpoint. But this episode has other great things, like Nick thinking he’s great at writing, some great moments for the other couples, and Winston’s terrible pranking. Of course, there’s also the thing that all New Girl fans love, the made up drinking game True American. My favorite line of the whole episode is when Schmidt yells to his mom “We are trying to play a game! God!” There’s basically a joke every other line. It’s probably one of New Girls best episodes and you can watch it on Netflix.

I’m sure I’ve missed some other great ones. Who doesn’t love Jim and Pam’s wedding from the Office. I’m also very partial to April and Andy’s and Ben and Leslie’s wedding episodes in Parks and Rec. There’s also Marshall and Lily’s awesome wedding from How I Met Your Mother, the bonkers time-traveling of Amy and Rory’s Wedding in Doctor Who, and I’ve heard the Red Wedding was pretty crazy to. But I haven’t watched it yet. Is it too violent?

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