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Last weekend, the 50th annual San Diego Comic-Con took place causing nerds from around the world to show up with their best costumes and wait in long lines for the hopes of sitting in panel discussions with their favorite writers, directors, actors and more. Less lucky nerds around the world devotedly watched hashtags on their social media platform of choice to get a glimpse of the fun. As one of the nerds who falls in the latter category, here’s my highlights.

First, in age of nostalgia overload, there was of course several trailers for upcoming projects that hit that niche hard, some in more and less successful ways depending on who you ask. On the winning side, as a kid who grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with her dad, I’m extremely excited for Star Trek: Picard whose trailer includes glimpses of the android Data and Star Trek: Voyager fan favorite Seven of Nine. My only complaint is that I will have to get CBS All Access to watch it. Top Gun: Maverick looks like it could be a very fun romp as well. I wish I was excited about Terminator: Dark Fate, but alas all the bad Terminator movies have probably ruined me for Terminator for life.

There were also several panels that bid farewell to much beloved shows. Game of Thrones had their last, and apparently very awkward, panel. The Supernatural panel, with its fans that are known for their extreme loyalty, was apparently a very emotional one. Marvel’s Agents of Shield and NBC’s The Good Place used their panels to announce each of those shows upcoming seasons would be their last.

Finally the biggest, buzziest thing from Comic-Con this year was without a doubt the Marvel panel announcing the Phase Four movies and TV shows. Marvel is apparently embracing that they can do what they want and butts will still be in the seats with weird titles like Thor: Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The next phase has already pulled off some huge feats by getting Angelina Jolie to show up to Comic-con and Natalie Portman to come back to Thor after she had made it fairly clear she wasn’t too interested in returning. I guess finding out you get to wield the Hammer of Thor can be persuasive, but that was certainly one of the biggest reveals of the entire con. Also, right in the last minute of the panel Marvel Studio President Kevin Fiege dropped that on top of the ten titles announced that legendary vampire Blade is coming to the MCU as well as the rumored and hoped for Fantastic Four. And also he “doesn't have time to even talk about mutants”. If you are a comic book fan, you knew these are huge things to just throw out to an audience of MCU loving nerds. If you aren’t, I’m very sorry but the world is still going to be full of superheroes for a least the next three years.

But if that’s not your thing, Netflix’s The Witcher seems to be gunning for people itching for the next Game of Thrones style show. IT 2 is probably going to delight a whole bunch of horror fans. And 21 Bridges looks to be a great suspenseful, action movie that will be plot wise free of any super hero stuff. All in all, Comic-Con as always points to future fun for all of us pop culture junkies.

Strange Perspective is a weekly look at all things pop culture by columnist Rachel Strange.

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