Rachel Strange

Fall is the time of year many pop culture lovers anticipate with glee. Sure we get great movies in the summer and winter, but fall is when we find ourselves hoping to get introduced to our next great TV show obsession. It's kind of like going on a first date, but for nerds. We don’t know exactly if that new show will be a match to our taste but it’s fun to try them out. However, to help make it easier to sort through all the potential new shows of the season I present to you an overview of stand outs in three categories. “Don’t Bother”, “Hopefully Worth Your Time” and “Binge-able”

First up in my “Don’t Bother” category is “Happy Together”, which kinda looks like the people who write Disney sitcoms for 10 year olds pitched a show to CBS and somehow convinced Damon Wayans Jr to be in it. I didn't laugh once during this trailer. “Whiskey Cavalier” is ABC’s spy thriller/romantic comedy, maybe? I don’t know that I understand what this show is trying to be, and I’d love to not place it in this category. It's not a secret that I am fan of romantic tension and lighter fair, but the trailer was awful. It felt like it was trying too hard to straddle the line between comedy and action, but doing neither well. Next, “Manifest”. Maybe it’s just because I’m bitter over how bad “Lost” got before it was over, but I just don’t think “Manifest” is gonna be great. It’s the kind of show that would work as limited series on a streaming service, but it’s gonna drag in a regular network format. Also, I watched the first 10 minutes online, and it took almost eight minutes for me to care about what was happening. Not a great sign.

In the shows I’m calling “Hopefully Worth Your Time” my first pick is “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. This show is to “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” what “Riverdale” was to “Archie”. I was so ready to put this in the “Binge-able” category but the trailer didn’t grab me like I was hoping. But, if you liked “Riverdale” I’m betting you might like this too. “A Million Little Things” is clearly ABC’s answer to “This is Us”, just focused more on friendship than on family. The trailer makes it clear that “A Million Little Things” will try to make us cry from the very first episode. This is not something I usually go for, but I enjoyed the trailer in spite of myself. I have a feeling this will be pretty popular. Last one in this category is “Single Parents”. It’s a comedy that is about exactly what you think it is. I’m nervous about this one because somehow Leighton Meester (from “Gossip Girl”) was funnier in the trailer than Taren Killium (From SNL). Also, I am sure at some point I will have to buy Meester and Killum as a couple and I’m not just I’m ready for that. Yet, I can’t help but be optimistic about this show because I do like this cast, and I tend to root for comedies.

First Up in “Binge-able” is“Forever”. I’m not sure what this mysterious comedy will be like exactly but I’m hoping for something great. So far we know that Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph star as a relatively happy but bored married couple whose lives suddenly becomes strange for reasons still unknown. I partially have high hopes for this because I really think Maya Rudolph is highly underutilized, and I’m hoping this will be the thing that finally shows the world what she should be doing. My next submission is something I was expecting to pass on but somehow the trailer for “God Friended Me” changed my mind. It’s about an atheist who gets “friended” by God and consequently this leads to a series of significant, seemingly miraculous events. It kinda seems like the premise to a corney faith based film but after the trailer I think if done right it could be the kind of optimistic, honest, feel good show we didn’t know we needed. Last but not least is “Maniac”. With a killer cast (Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Justin Theroux) “Maniac” looks like it's going to be weird in the best possible way. It's about a drug trial for a pill that fixes any mental issue and I’m sure you're not shocked to know things don’t go exactly right. I honestly can’t wait for this one.

There you go fellow pop culture fans. Go forth into the fall season and try out some new shows. And find me on social media to let me know what you liked or what you think I missed @racheljstrange on twitter and @therachelstrange on instagram.