Rogers County Jail

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton says committee efforts are paying off and inmate numbers are declining.

For years, Walton said the jail has been way over capacity.

As of Monday, the jail was still over —but not by much. Rogers County Sheriff's Office said currently there are "265 inmates in the jail, with 21 ready to transport to prison, four booked in over the weekend, four ready for transport and three ready for release."

Before the holiday, the jail reported a headcount of only 249 inmates—a number RCSO said they haven't seen since about 2015.

The maximum number the jail is designed to hold is 250.

"But we've been as high as 337," RCSO staff said. "But the average over the last year was 307."

Walton said several factors have contributed to the decline.

He said the pre-trial release program plays a key role.

"And another thing, we're not not arresting people," he said. "It's not that at all. A comment you hear sometimes is people saying 'I couldn't pay my fines and they locked me up.' But no. The people we've got in jail are there for all the right reasons. If they're there any time at all it's the people that everybody would agree need to be incarcerated, or they're waiting on multiple charges. They're not the guy or gal that made a little mistake and was, or would be, a productive person if they were not in our jail."

He said judges have worked hard and moved quickly.

"We're making every effort," Walton said. "And I want to give a shout out to all the agencies for working with us when we're at capacity."