The Claremore Police Department is updating its information database, and it needs the help of area business owners.

“With so many new businesses in town, and managers or owners of older businesses changing, it’s becoming increasingly problematic for us when we need to reach someone about a situation at a business,” said Captain Stan Brown, Claremore Police Department. “Because of that, our database with business contact numbers is becoming increasingly outdated. We’re asking all Claremore businesses — new and old — to get in touch with us about who to call if there’s an alarm sounding, a break-in or other emergency.”

Brown said the summer months are particularly important when it comes to knowing who to call in cases of police matters.

“With more people out later during the summer months, the police stay busier at night than normally during the rest of the year,” he said. “It helps us if, for example, we see a light left on in a business and we have a current contact number to call, to find out if someone just left it on by mistake or if it’s something we need to investigate further.”

“Something else the updated information can be used for is, in case of a catastrophe, such as a tornado, if parts of the city get hit or even destroyed, we’ll know which businesses were where, and who to contact about them,” said Mickey Perry, Claremore Chief of Police.

Capt. Brown said business owners can either update their contact information with the police at the City website,, or visit the police station.

“Ultimately, this will assist us and the businesses owners,” Capt. Brown said. “It will give increased security to local businesses and increase the response time of our officers