The multicounty grand jury charged with investigating accusations of misconduct by Rogers County officials recessed Thursday until August 19-21, saying it needed to hear from more witnesses before returning a finding in the matter.

One indictment for removal was returned by the multicounty grand jury regarding an official from Greer County, according to the interim report.

The August session is the last scheduled session for the sitting grand jury. Officials have not announced when a new grand jury will be impaneled.

The grand jury recessed “to permit the summoning of additional witnesses and the gathering of additional physical evidence by the investigators assisting the grand jury, at which time the grand jury will resume its investigations,” a statement issued by the state attorney general’s office said.

Grand jury proceedings are confidential and so it was not known whom among the Rogers County officials targeted in the investigation have testified thus far or will be subpoenaed later.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt directed the multicounty grand jury in October 2013 to investigate “multiple allegations of wrongdoing by public officials and others in Rogers County.”

The multicounty or state grand jury has been considering other accusations of public official misconduct around Oklahoma since it was established more than a year-and-a-half ago. 

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