Police have arrested a Owasso man Monday for attempting to pass a counterfeit bill and are looking into whether or not he is connected to a recent string of counterfeit bills showing up at local businesses.

Nicholas Dewayne Sanders, 19, is currently in Tulsa County Jail after police arrested him at Murphy’s USA gas station, where he tried to use a counterfeit $50 bill, according to Owasso Police Sgt. Nick Boatman.

When Sanders attempted to pass the bogus bill to purchase two cigars, the clerk noticed it had no security strip and that it “just didn’t feel real,”  leading her to call police.

Sanders was taken into custody and booked into Tulsa County Jail on charges of possession of counterfeit with intent to circulate, possession of CDS (first offense), possession of marijuana and public intoxication.  

In recent weeks, the Owasso Police Department had received several calls regarding counterfeit money bills.

In at least seven of these instances, the bills were taken into police custody as evidence, and in all but one case, each was a $20 note.

Owasso businesses reporting being the target or attempted target of counterfeit bill passing include Kum-n-Go on 86th Street North, Wal-Mart Supercenter, McDonalds, El Tequila, Braums on 76th Street North, QuikTrip on 76th Street North and Murphy’s USA on 96th Street North.

Investigators are currently trying to determine whether or not Sanders was connected to the other counterfeit bill passings in Owasso.

Sanders remains in Tulsa County Jail on a $3,850 bond.

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