Catoosa trustees approved a $5,353 purchase for a computer, GPS tracker, digital camera and related equipment along with $3,500 for software for storm water management for Public Works in action taken during Monday’s city meeting

City Building Inspector and Storm Water Manager Joe Robinson presented the request with the explanation that the updated equipment was needed in order to meet requirements by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"I have to walk every one of the creeks and storm sewers and even use a boat if needed to check them for any illicit discharge," said Robinson.

Equipment to be purchased includes a lap top computer, projector, screen, digital camera, GPS system, and Wireless Access Point (WAP) along with case, wiring and installation to be purchased from Copier and Computer Systems of Oklahoma. Robinson reported that a representative from this company researched the market and came back with several items for Robinson's team to choose from.

"We explained what we needed to do," said Robinson. "I was really impressed with the research he had done for us."

After reviewing and sampling a variety of software programs, The ASIST Professional Software for Stormwater Management was selected as the best option to work with the new hardware. Technical support was a big consideration in the process. Robinson reported that several cities had discussed the available software strengths and weaknesses and thoroughly investigated available software. Claremore is purchasing the same program and going with ASIST at the same time will save both cities $2500 for on site training.

"This system is good for a one and two person teams. It brings all the information we need together in order to meet the requirements of DEQ and EPA," said Robinson.

Trustees approved the expansion of the target area of the Home Improvement Loan to include all of Catoosa city limits. The loans are funded by the Metropolitan Tulsa HOME Consortium and administered by the City of Catoosa and INCOG. City Planner Jim Hodges reported that three programs were available to help low and moderate income families repair, maintain, or rehabilitate homes. Loans are no interest or low interest depending on the financial status of the applicants. The city sent out 100 letters in the originally designated areas and received 5 applications as a result. According to Hodges, they need a pool of 10 or more applicants in order to form a committee and move forward with the loans.

The council also approved action to move forward with having Code Enforcement get estimates on two fire-damaged properties. Owners of both properties had received 120 days to make improvements or start demolition on their own accord, but no action had been taken in either case.

The property at 430 South Cherokee owned by Ed Barstow is the old lumberyard. Barstow had picked up an application to make improvements on Monday and was warned by city officials that the property was on the council agenda. He was not present at the meeting. Hodges explained that the structure was a hazard and would need an engineering study and probably new trusses for the second floor. Stating that a considerable amount of rehab on the structure would be needed in order for it to be safe, he reminded the council that Barstow had promised to get the work done or tear down the building, but had not followed through on that promise.

The second property at 1440 North 154 is owned by Richard and Gena Hildebrand. Neither was present at the meeting. Hodges reported that there had been no change and no progress on the burned building and that it needed to be demolished.

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