The Claremore-Rogers County Partnership recently dedicated improvements to Claremore’s North Industrial and Distribution Center at the park on Lowry Road and Hwy. 66.  
The center, along with a nearby large industrial site development property, constitutes over 600 acres of potential industrial and warehouse facilities. 
One project is an industrial access road into the property and the other over a mile of industrial rail connecting to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway system. 
The road was dedicated as the John Carle Boulevard, in honor of the late John Carle, a long time Claremore attorney and civic activist who served four decades as general counsel and bond attorney for the Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority.  
The road was financed in a cooperative agreement between the Oklahoma Departments of Commerce and Transportation, Grand Gateway Economic Development Authority, City of Claremore, Rogers County and Claremore Industrial Economic Development Authority.  
Rogers County Commissioner Dan DeLozier, his crews and equipment did the actual construction of the project.  
The $500,000 infrastructure improvement was undertaken to permit Claremore’s AXH Air-coolers to construct and expand into the industrial park. 
A $2 million Economic Development Administration grant and more than $500,000 in local matching funds from the City of Claremore and CIEDA financed the industrial rail spur which includes over a mile of track. 
 Sen. Jim Inhofe helped secure federal approval for the grant to enhance Claremore’s economic development efforts.  
Burlington Northern Santa Fe officials will also be on hand to mark the addition of a new Multi-Modal service facility. 
 The Claremore North Industrial & Distribution Center is owned by CIEDA and marketed by the Claremore Rogers County Partnership.
The Partnership is a cooperative between CIEDA and the Rogers County Industrial Development Authority. 
 In addition to having hundreds of acres available to meet the site  requirements of small and large businesses, with or without rail service, Claremore boasts of several site specific benefits including the advantage of a Foreign Trade Sub-Zone (FTZ #53), near-by access McClellan-Kerr Navigation System (Port of Catoosa, Port 33, Port of Muskogee), Interstate 44 convenient entry point into the local and national trucking system, quick access to Tulsa International and Claremore Regional Airports, business-center City of Claremore development approvals and accommodations.  State and local incentives are available for approved projects.  Sites may be purchased or leased; buildings may be built to suit for lease or purchase and financing assistance may be available.

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