Claremore City Council members met Saturday morning to discuss the outline and content to be included in an expected “orientation package” for future incoming council members.

“We’re fortunate right now to have an experienced City Council,” said Claremore City Manager Troy Powell, “but the next council may not have the experience that this one does — we’re wanting to get a program and process in place to make sure those folks get off on the right foot.”

To that end, Powell presented councilors with a preliminary draft of the proposed “Orientation Folder,” containing a section-by-section overview of the function of the city council, a copy of the city charter, staff, budget, as well as a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” commonly posed by new members of the city council.

“All of these (frequently asked questions) are things you as veteran councilors already know, but to someone just coming in, they might not really know what a city manager’s function is or how it affects policy determination,” Powell said.

“One thing Terry (Chase) and I talked about when working on this was not to overload people because they’re going to be hit with a lot right off the bat but the F.A.Q.’s should answer some of the fundamental questions right up front.”

Powell said the F.A.Q.’s listed are currently general but will become more “specific to Claremore” in future drafts of the Orientation Folder.

In addition to Powell’s interaction with council members about the Orientation Folder, Claremore City Financial Director Serena Kauk and City Attorney Randy Elliott also addressed the budgetary process and legalities of being a council member, respectively.

“Overall, I think we’re off to a good start, in putting together information to help freshman counselors understand how we function,” Powell said. “Our goal as a council and staff has always been to create a sustainable organization, which means, after all of us are gone, there will be policies and procedures in place to help keep what we’ve accomplished going.”

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