The Rogers County Board of Commissioners acknowledged the beneficial interest of Inola for the Rogers County E911 Trust Authority at Monday’s  regular meeting.

Towns of Oologah, Talala and Chelsea accepted beneficial interest in the E911 center earlier this month. Municipalities accepting interest in the trust authority are permitted to have a seat on the board, said Director Janet Hamilton.

Several of the rural fire departments have committed verbally, and are not required to accept beneficial interest; however they are allowed to have members on the trust authority board.

BKL, Inc. and Flintco provided updates regarding the E911 Center and renovations of the Rogers County Jail for the new Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC was planned to be included in the new E911 Center, but because of limited funding and size, commissioners determined the jail would provide the needed amount of space for operation.

“It’s going well,” said B.J. Fay, project engineer for Flintco. “Painting is nearly finished and renovations should be completed in the next two weeks.”

Fay said on Friday, company workers installed the flooring of the E911 Center. Equipment for electrical systems was delivered last week and they are in the process of being installed. Sealing and other overhead items should be finished up by next week, he said.

A Communication System Agreement Lease between Rogers County and Motorola Solutions, Inc. for the E911 Center was also approved Monday by a vote of 3-0.

Commissioners approved the Motorola radio purchase, totaling approximately $400,000, on July 1. The monthly lease payments will be set at $5,333 and divided over a seven-year period. Other monthly expenses include $13,116 for AT&T services, $2,505 for Cox services and $43,673 for salaries.

Utility costs are to be determined and have not yet been estimated. Monthly expenses will change depending on the total expenses after the center is operational, said Hamilton.

When the E911 Trust was formed, attorney James Orbison was hired to represent the authority and agreed to receive payment for his services once the authority had money, said Commissioner Dan DeLozier.

On Monday, Commissioner Mike Helm made a motion to approve a contract for Orbison with the county, enabling him to receive payment for his services. The motion was approved by a vote of 3-0.

A monthly bill will be given to the county in which the trust authority will reimburse once funds are available.

DeLozier said until agreements are made for dispatching in the E911 Center, the trust authority will not have any money.

“Until we get into the new center, we’re not going to be dispatching for anybody except for the sheriff’s office, Verdigris Fire and Claremore Police Department,” he said.

Hamilton said the E911 Center will be operational by the end of November.

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