Millie Moseley stands in front of the flagpole recently installed in her front yard. A ceremony was held by Chapter 44 of the Disabled American Veterans dedicating it to her husband Roger Moseley, an Air Force veteran, who passed away in December. The star at the base of the flagpole was constructed by her children after the ceremony.

The officers of DAV Chapter 44, in Claremore, performed a special service for the widow of a local disabled veteran. On June 3, they raised a flagpole at the home of Roger and Millie Moseley and held a dedication ceremony to honor Roger, who passed away on Dec. 16, 2017. Roger was a 100 percent disabled Vietnam Era veteran and Millie is the Junior Vice-Commander of the Claremore DAV Auxiliary

“They did a beautiful dedication ceremony,” said Millie Moseley, Roger’s widow. “It’s just something special I wanted to do for him.”

Airman Basic, Roger A. Moseley enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1958, at the age of 18. He was trained as an Aircraft Control and Warning Operator, that’s radar operator to you and me. He was stationed at Pyote Air Station, a former West Texas training site for B-17 crews during WWII, which had been reactivated as an early warning station and home to the 697th AC&WS (Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron). Their Cold War mission was to track unidentified targets and guide aircraft to intercept them. He was later assigned to the 705th AC&WS at King Salmon Air Station in Alaska.

Honorably Discharged in 1963, he returned home to Oklahoma, where he continued his career in aviation as Jig and Fixture Builder for McDonald Douglas and Boeing Aircraft. He retired from Boeing in 1999.

The couple were neighbors when Roger’s first wife passed away, leaving him with four children. Suddenly a single parent, Roger asked Millie to babysit the children. Eventually, they married in 1977.

“The story he always loved to tell was, ‘Well I finally realized it was cheaper to marry her than it was to pay her for babysitting,’” says Millie.

The now grown children constructed a large, wooden, star-shaped planter at the base of the flagpole and a brass marker, for Roger will be laid at the location.