Students along with school clubs and organizations display their patriotism while the CHS Marching Band performed the “Star Spangled Banner” Tuesday at Lantow Field. Claremore’s Z-TV filmed the ceremony, which will be included in the finale of the school’s lip dub video Thursday morning. The ceremony planned to include a fly-over by four F-16 fighter jets, however for unknown reasons, the Pentagon did not allow plans to go forward.

In celebration of Claremore High School’s Freedom Week, students along with state history teacher Jan McClaren, Curriculum Director Kerri Garroutte and principal Todd Steidley, have organized a patriotic lip dub which will be recorded Thursday at 8:15 a.m.

The entire student body will be dressed in red, white and blue and will be singing the National Anthem. Community members are invited to attend the event as well.
This year McClaren was one of Gilder Lehrman Institute of America’s five finalists for National History Teacher of the Year. While she did not win the national award, the group did name McClaren Oklahoma History Teacher of the Year.
She said the goal of the lip dub project is to showcase students involvement in history.
A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to create a music video.
The Z-TV class, sponsored by Jeff Faulkner, will be in charge of filming and editing the fly-over as part of the lip dub production.
“The video will be similar to that of last year’s production and will include different CHS clubs and organizations,” said Faulkner. “Along with four country songs, the CHS choir will sing ‘America the Beautiful’ towards the end.” 
During the fly-over, jets will soar at speeds close to mach 2 or 1,000 mph. 
The event took some time to schedule but in the end it was a success. 
For more information on the lip dub production and Freedom Week, contact Kerri Garroutte at (918) 923-4211 ext. 3012.

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