One of Oologah’s “big meth dealers” is behind bars today on pending murder charges.

John Randall “Randy” Scharmacher, 52, is a suspect in the death of his wife, Janice, 50. Investigators believe she died sometime Wednesday.

The Rogers County Sheriff’s investigators responded to the scene after receiving statements from an acquaintance of Scharmacher.

Rogers County Sheriff Jerry Prather said Scharmacher called an acquaintance around 9:14 p.m. Wednesday asking for help lifting a package into his pickup truck. Scharmacher reportedly told the acquaintance to bring an extra pair of shoes, Prather said.

“When he (Scharmacher) and the acquaintance got to the house, (Scharmacher) told him

‘I’ve killed her. I’ve killed my wife and I want you to help me get rid of the body’,” Prather said, speaking from the crime scene Thursday morning.

The Scharmacher home is in rural Oologah at 4430 S. 407 Road, four miles southwest of town.

“The acquaintance told (Scharmacher) he didn’t want to have any part in that and ran off on foot,” Prather said.

The acquaintance, whose name has not been released, then contacted a female friend by phone to pick him up in the Oologah area. The two then headed for the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office to report the alleged murder, but were pulled over by Claremore police once inside city limits.

“They told the officer what was going on and headed on to our office and made statements,” Prather said.

After the statements were taken, deputies headed to Scharmacher’s residence and staged on 407 Road near Highway 169.

“He came down the road driving her truck, and we detained him and went to the house and secured the scene,” Prather said.

Upon investigating the home and searching for Janice Scharmacher, deputies and investigators discovered five or six ounces of methamphetamine inside the residence. Janice Scharmacher’s body was discovered behind the home wrapped in a tarp inside a wagon, according to Prather.

This is not the first time Rogers County authorities have been to the Scharmacher residence.

According to Prather, deputies have responded to the residence several times for domestic disputes, including one that Prather said found Janice Scharmacher severely injured.

“A couple of years ago, we came out here on a domestic situation where he nearly cut her arm off,” Prather said. “The charges were dismissed because she did not want to pursue it.”

The couple married just one year ago, but Prather said they had been together for four years. The couple filed for a marriage license in Rogers County on Aug. 12, 2005.

According to court records, former charges against Scharmacher include assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and violation of a protective order, which were all filed in the summer of 2004. All charges were dismissed in February 2005, court records state.

Prather said Scharmacher was apparently a “big meth dealer” in the Oologah area, and that other charges stemming from the meth found at the home could be filed.

Upon examining the body, Prather said there were no obvious signs of death, such as a gunshot or stab wound. As of press time Thursday, investigators were awaiting word from the Medical Examiner as to the cause of death.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents were on scene Thursday morning processing evidence and aiding the sheriff’s office in the investigation.

Scharmacher’s acquaintance and female friend were not arrested after making statements to authorities.

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