Based on testimony from a bondsman and a bounty hunter, two new charges have been added to an alleged kidnapping case.

Quintine Harper, 28, originally faced one count of kidnapping for extortion in connection with the alleged kidnapping of Sandy Brooks, ex-wife of Garth Brooks.

Harper is accused of allegedly kidnapping Brooks on April 3 after she informed bondsmen of his whereabouts and they attempted to apprehend him. Harper was wanted for failure to appear in Tulsa County Court on an embezzlement charge. That charge was later dropped by the state.

After hearing testimony in Rogers County District Court from bondsman Bill Owen and bounty hunter Roger Lowry, who were seeking and gave chase to Harper on April 3, the state will add two counts of feloniously pointing a firearm.

“Although the felonious pointing happened in Tulsa County, it originated in Rogers County, so we feel it’s appropriate to add those charges to this case,” Rogers County First Deputy District Attorney Ray Hasselman told the judge Thursday.

Judge Joe Smith agreed, based on case references, and allowed the state to amend the charges, “if they wish.”

Both Owen and Lowry testified that when Brooks stopped her vehicle at QuikTrip in Owasso and fled into the convenience store, Harper, who was armed with a .40-caliber Glock, pointed the weapon at both of them, both in the parking lot and during the foot pursuit that ensued.

Defense attorney Bill Higgins asked the judge to grant a continuance in order to obtain video surveillance and to subpoena eyewitnesses. Judge Smith did not grant the continuance, or another bond reduction, which Higgins requested.

Judge Smith did, however, state that he would not increase the bond if the state does in fact file the two additional charges against Harper.

Rogers County Deputy Greg Dooley testified during the preliminary hearing Thursday that he spoke with Garth Brooks regarding the relationship between Sandy Brooks and Harper. He also asked about drug use.

“I spoke with him to find out if he knew Quintine Harper and his relationship with Sandy Brooks,” Dooley said. “He said he knew him and was concerned for his children’s safety because of what happened. It was a fatherly concern.

“I asked him about the sores on Sandy Brooks face because drugs had been mentioned by Harper when I interviewed him. (Garth Brooks) said she breaks out when she gets nervous.”

Although Dooley spoke with Garth Brooks, Higgins asked why that interview wasn’t included in reports. Dooley testified that the information he received during that interview was not pertinent to the case.

During testimony from Sandy Brooks at the beginning of the preliminary hearing on July 18, she said Harper had never pointed the gun at her during the alleged kidnapping. Dooley’s testimony was consistent with that statement.

Harper is scheduled to make an appearance in Rogers County District Court for an arraignment on the kidnapping charge, plus two charges of feloniously pointing a firearm if filed, on Aug. 17.

Harper is currently being held at the Rogers County Jail in lieu of a $150,000 bond, which was reduced from the original $1 million bond.

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