OKLAHOMA CITY — Labor Commissioner Mark Costello announced that Pelco Structural, LLC will be the first recipient of the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award in Oklahoma for 2012. The award will be presented to Pelco Structural President, Phil Albert, during a lunch presentation on March 2 at Pelco’s facility in Claremore.
Pelco Structural is a manufacturer of tubular steel transmission poles, distribution, traffic, and sports lighting poles.  
Pelco was recently praised for winning a $300M commitment with Clean Line Energy Partners LLC to be their preferred supplier for the tubular steel transmission structures used to move America’s vast renewable wind energy resources from Western Oklahoma to markets in Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia , Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and North Carolina.
Commissioner Costello stated, “In my first year as Labor Commissioner, I traveled the state promoting our OSHA Safety Pays Consultation Program. While traveling I visited some amazing companies and each business owner had a unique story about why they started their company and how it has evolved over the years.  I want to honor these entrepreneurs for their commitment to Oklahoma and for their success in creating opportunities for other Oklahomans to earn a living through private sector jobs.”
“We  have been catapulted to a national presence in the industries we serve as a result of the imagination and leadership of our founder, Phil Parduhn; we have been empowered to grow our opportunities as a result of the vision demonstrated by our Governor and this Administration in creating  a business-friendly climate;  and, most importantly , the ingenuity and hard work of the 132 stakeholders that manifest their passion for success into this  dynamic enterprise called Pelco Structural, LLC,” Phil Albert said.
Commissioner Costello and the Oklahoma Labor Department will continue to recognize entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneurial Excellence in Oklahoma Award. 

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