Faye Ellick has seen a lot during her tenure with Foyil schools, and is ready to hang up her hat.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here,” she said. “It’s been a good job.”

Ellick will retire as secretary to Superintendent Mike McGregor next week. But she will never forget the experiences she has had with Foyil Schools in what she describes as the “perfect job.”

In 1973, Ellick began her career with the district as secretary for Superintendent Felix Gay. At that time, she was responsible for many things, including payroll, encumbrances and keeping the board of education minutes.

That alone was a hard task.

“I did everything by pencil, because there were no computers back then,” Ellick said. “About eight or nine years later, the school contracted with a company that would figure all that for us.

“Then in 1990, we finally got in-house computers.”

There were only 14 teachers — two were also principals — when Ellick came to the district. Now, there are 53.

In her time as secretary, Ellick has had the “pleasure” of working with five superintendents. She praises all of them for teaching her different things that she has carried with her.

“Mr. Gay taught me many things, some of which were having me read the new laws to him and filling out federal funds applications,” she said. “I didn’t realize until later all the things he had me doing I was learning.”

For the next four years, Roy West served as superintendent of the district. Ellick described him as a “super nice man.” West retired when he left Foyil.

One thing that Ellick will never forget is when the elementary building burned in 1986.

“I will never forget that because we had to move in a portable building for the cafeteria and we served the kids off Styrofoam plates,” Ellick said.

Former Superintendent Leroy Corbett was present during the tragic fire, and was able to build a new metal building for the elementary students.

It was during this time that an addition to the high school, as well as the elementary building, were added to the district, to make way for bigger enrollment.

Before working as a secretary at the district, Ellick said she was a stay at home mom. She took the job at the district because, in a way, it had extra benefits.

“At the time, my daughter was attending school here, and I only live about a mile and a half from here,” she said. “It was convenient and I got to see my daughter.”

After retiring, Ellick said she plans to do “nothing,” at least in the long run.

“My granddaughter, who is a senior this year, will be traveling this summer with a softball team. I plan to go with her to California and Colorado and some other places,” Ellick said. “But after that, I plan on doing nothing.”

In her letter of resignation, Ellick said she will continue supporting Foyil schools.

“I leave having made many fond memories and will always consider the Foyil School as ‘my school.’ I will help anyway possible to see that it continues to be ‘the perfect school.’”

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