A 15-year-old girl crashed a van into the casino portion of Will Rogers Downs Wednesday because she was angry with her mother, who was gambling inside, police at the scene said.

A spokesman for the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office said the mother left her daughter and another 15-year-old in the 2002 Ford Windstar, where the teens inhaled compressed air from a can. The driver also had taken prescription pills.

Police arrested both teens on drug complaints. The driver was cited for destruction of property and driving without a license.

Witnesses said the driver began accelerating from the equivalent of about three city blocks away before driving over three curbs, a patch of grass, sideswiping a parked casino security car and hitting the wall of the casino’s security office.

The girl told police she blacked out before the crash. She had minor injuries but her mother refused hospitalization, a medic at the scene said.

The other teen was inside the casino when the van crashed. The sheriff’s office reported she hid the can of compressed air from investigators.

Authorities briefly evacuated the building around 3:15 p.m. because of smoke caused by the van’s spinning tires, police at the scene said.

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