$1.6 M bridge replacement underway in Chelsea

Replacement of the Little Pryor Creek Bridge northeast of Chelsea, between 4300 and 4310 roads, comes with a $1.6 million price tag. Construction is scheduled to begin soon but county officials say completion could take up to four years.

Dangerous washout of the Little Pryor Creek Bridge northeast of Chelsea in May caused the 330 Road to shrink to one lane over the bridge between 4300 and 4310 roads.

Soon construction will be underway to replace the bridge entirely.

Rogers County Commissioner Dan Delozier said, “The flood washed off a headwall and eroded underneath the side of the bridge.”

“We did some work on it and fixed it back, but anytime we have that kind of damage, we have to have a bridge engineer inspect it,” Delozier said.

Half of bridge 22 was found to be too unstable, causing roughly 150 cars a day traveling between Rogers and Mayes counties to share one lane.

Delozier estimated the cost to tear down the existing bridge and build an new one at $1.64 million. $1 million of the project is expected to come from the Cherokee Nation and the remaining to come from the county’s CIRB fund, provided by the state.

An engineer will be selected for the project within two weeks, and then work will begin on the road.

“It will be a bigger bridge once it is done,” Delozier said.

Delozier said that normally bridge projects can take three to four years including the time to process paperwork, but based on the emergency need of this project, “we’re going to try to push this a whole lot faster. I’ve built a whole lot of bridges, so I know how to get it done.”