J. Underwood

When deputies arrived at the residence of John Underwood, Claremore, they found him at the door with a shotgun he refused to put down, according to Rogers County Sheriff’s Office.

According to RCSO records, it was around 2:07 p.m. Friday, when deputies attempted to serve a warrant at Underwood’s residence.

The warrant was related to felony charges of releasing a dangerous dog on law enforcement and calling 911 with a false alarm.

Deputies reported they were conducting a K9 search for a felony suspect on property north of Underwood’s property when they heard him yell to “get off of his property.”

Seconds later, deputies said, they heard Underwood say “get him” and a large dog was released and began to run towards the deputies.

Underwood reportedly called 911 and said “he did not need any sheriff’s walking around his property and he is armed with a shotgun and the next person that walks on his property is trespassing.”

Records from the warrant service indicate, “Deputies approached the house making announcements of who they were and their intentions of the warrant service. There was an adult white male that came to the door with a shotgun in his hands.”

They said they called out asking the man if he was John Underwood, and the man reportedly said yes.

“The male would not put the gun down and refused commands to multiple deputies to  open the door. The male finally put the gun down but would not open the door,” according to RCSO. “Deputies kicked in the door to the residence and a short struggled ensued. Deputies were able to place the male identified as John Underwood into cuffs after multiple commands to stop resisting and to place his hands behind his back.”

Pafford EMS was called to evaluate the injuries to Underwood, prior to him being transported to the Rogers County Jail.

Underwood was booked into jail on a felony warrant along with the new charges of resisting and obstruction of law enforcement.

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