A man who reportedly threatened to kill two officers and blow up the Rogers County Courthouse was arrested by Claremore Police Department.

William Rasmussen is facing felony charges of making bomb threats.

Monday, CPD’s Officer Holland attempted to make contact with a man standing behind Kum and Go on Lynn Riggs just before midnight.

“When Officer Holland saw the subject lurking behind the business, the subject immediately started to run to the north, then around the edge of the business,” according to CPD. “Holland began to chase the subject on foot and give commands for him to stop and get on the ground.”

Rasmussen is said to have run back to the front of the building before stopping to pull something from his pocket.

He reportedly ignored the officers’ commands to get on the ground.

“Rasmussen was yelling at Officer Holland to shoot and kill him,” according to CPD.

Officer Rice arrived on scene shortly thereafter and Rasmussen began to comply.

“While Officer Holland was securing Rasmussen in handcuffs, he stated he was going to kill Officer Rice and Officer Holland. Rasmussen continued and said he was going to blow up the Rogers County Courthouse,” according to CPD.

Bond is currently set at $51,000.