Travis Condry

Investigators report that Travis Carl Condry's cell phone contained over five minutes of audio from a reported rape.

This is according to Claremore Police Department who said first degree rape charges were filed April 12 and Condry, 26, of Claremore, was arrested on the charges days later.

CPD investigators said the alleged victim claimed Condry forced himself on her, causing her to sustain injuries.

"Investigators spoke with Condry at his residence and he said that 'stop doesn't always mean stop' and that the sex was consensual as far as he was concerned,'" according to CPD records. "Condry said that she asked him to stop and he continued only for a short time before stopping."

Records report that "the video that Condry created contains over five minutes of audio (audio only since the phone was apparently set downs hill it was recording) of [the alleged victim] crying and begging Condry to stop and telling him that he was hurting her before she was able to get away."

Bond was originally set at $25,000.

Updated: The story has been amended to reflect additional identifiers. The individual facing charges is 26-year old Travis Carl Condry of Claremore.

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