Dillon Turner

Nuts and bolts, a book, a car stereo and more were thrown out of a vehicle at police during a pursuit early Thursday.

This is according to Rogers County Sheriff's Office following the arrest of Dillon Turner, 26.

Deputies say they attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle, but were quickly engaged in a pursuit that reached over 80 miles per hour in a posted 45 mile per hour zone. They report that the driver ran multiple stop signs and "began to throw packages out of the driver front window, across the car, and into the ditches full of water."

The deputy said he believed these were packages/bundles of narcotics.

One of the packages busted as it landed on the roadway and emitted a cloud of white powder, they reported.

A few county roads later, Turner reportedly tossed out a bottle that appeared to be a "shake and bake methamphetamine lab," according to deputies.

Still traveling at 80 miles per hour, Turner threw a "incendiary device" at the patrol car and ran a few more stop signs.

"The driver of the vehicle then began to throw random items from his vehicle, trying to hit the patrol vehicle. This included nuts and bolts, a book, a car stereo, shirts, towels and numerous other items."

The deputy notes that at this point the left tire had fallen off of the vehicle and that Turner was repeatedly "slapping on the brakes in an attempt to get the deputy to hit him."

Turner reportedly ran multiple roadblocks, attempted to hit two separate patrol vehicles and nearly hit a civilian vehicle in the roadway before jumping out of the vehicle and leading the deputies on a foot pursuit.

In a wooded area, Turner fell and began to yell at deputies, "Shoot me."

A physical altercation ensued.

Once in handcuffs, Turner reportedly began to cry and said "I only ran because I'm having a [expletive] week and losing my house."

When asked about the items thrown from the vehicle, Turner reportedly said, "I was just trying to get you to stop chasing me."

On Turner's person deputies report locating 5.5 grams of methamphetamine, as well as a bag containing marijuana.

"As I went through the items, Turner, who could not be quiet, said 'Man, I just quit using dope today. I swear to you.'"

A search of the vehicle alerted deputies to a false tag and yielded a mason jar of marijuana, a digital scale, 12 Ziploc bags, rolling papers and a glass pipe.

Deputies said all combined, the marijuana seized totaled approximately 25 grams.

Turner was arrested for eluding police officers/endangering others, throwing substance at moving vehicle, resisting executive official, running a roadblock, defective vehicle, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of paraphernalia.

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