Dillon Oquin

Five counts of lewd molestation have been filed against a Claremore resident.

Court records show that multiple victims, between the ages of 12 and 15, have made accusations of sexual contact and communication with Dillon Oquin, 22.

The affidavit filed by Claremore Police Department says they were made aware of the situation in November, 2017 when they were called to the skating rink by a 15-year old female who said she had been communicating with Oquin via Snapchat but now couldn't get him to leave her alone.

She reportedly told the officers that she had been communicating with him for about one year but that "nothing sexual had been said or done."

Officers said they observed Oquin in a car near the skating rink when. Records show Oquin told officers he had been communicating with [the juvenile] for about a year and sometimes took food to her at her school in Tulsa.

He denied engaging in any sexual behavior with the juvenile and was not arrested at the time.

In the days that followed, the parents of a different 15-year old female reported to police that their child had received nude photos from Oquin. Officers learned that this juvenile said Oquin tried to touch her inappropriately. She told officers Oquin has recently provided her with a cell phone.

In an interview with this juvenile, officers learned that she had known Oquin since 2009 and that multiple sex acts had occurred since that time.

In one instance, officers learned, "at Oquin's Claremore apartment, he offered [the juvenile] $900 to touch him."

Details of multiple sexual acts were provided to law enforcement. Additionally, [the juvenile] said Oquin had showed her photos of other naked girls stored on his cell phone.

Records show another juvenile female, also 15, disclosed having had similar interactions with Oquin. She reported knowing him since she was 11-years old. During an interview, she reportedly said "she had provided Oquin nude photos of herself in response to Oquin threatening to kill himself if she did not do so."

She told law enforcement she knew of a 10-year old that Oquin had obtained nude photos from.

Currently Oquin is facing multiple felony counts of lewd molestation.

"We anticipate filing additional charges relating to child pornography," said CPD Deputy Chief Steve Cox. "And we anticipate that additional victims will come forward."

Cox said anyone who suspects Oquin to have engaged in inappropriate contact or communication should call the Claremore Police Department.