Chance Barrett

Chance Barrett entered the courtroom at 2:36p.m., expecting to hear a change in the amount of his bond.

By 2:40 p.m., however, he was told he was now being charged with first degree murder.

Seated in the Rogers County District Court courtroom, in his orange jail-issued jumpsuit, Barrett's demeanor did not change when he heard the announcement.

"I set this matter today to further address the bond situation," the judge told Barrett, "As of just a couple minutes ago the state presented me with a probable cause affidavit for the crime of murder in the first degree."

The judge explained the offense can carry up to life in prison.

Barrett has been in the Rogers County Jail on drug charges since shortly after the alleged incident on Aug. 21.

Court records show Rogers County Sheriff's Office responded to a residence on Oak Street, in the Tacora Hills community in Claremore for a reported death.

Deputies arrived at the scene and discovered that the victim Helen Pasdach had been shot in the face multiple times, according to RCSO.

"Rogers County Investigators, in association with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, processed the scene pursuant a search warrant. While in the scene, investigators observed that the home was neat and clean; however, some areas of the home and items within the home had been gone through. Additionally, investigators observed that there was no forced entry in to the home, leading investigators to believe that the suspect had knowledge of and/or a previous presence in the home," according to RCSO records. "Chance Barrett was an initial suspect in the case as he is a suspect in multiple burglaries in the area and is a known drug dealer in the area."

Investigators received security camera footage from a neighboring house that showed a vehicle drive by the residence multiple times and then pull into Helen's driveway at the believed time of the homicide.

They said that vehicle appears to belong to Barrett.

Later, a traffic stop was made on a vehicle in which Barrett was the passenger.

"Investigators learned that Barrett had been in Helen Pasdach's house multiple times as described by multiple people who had been in the home with Barrett. Barrett lied to investigators multiple times about having been in and having knowledge of the home," according to RCSO.

He was arrested on unrelated drug charges and booked into the county jail.

It was after he was taken into custody that Barrett allegedly made his confession.

According to RCSO, "While in custody at the Rogers County Jail, Barrett confessed to killing Pasdach to multiple cooperating individuals at different times. Barrett provided details of the crime in the confessions believed to have only been known by the killer and Law Enforcement.”