An unassuming duplex on McClellan could soon become a popular dwelling for Claremore tourists.

Claremore architect Eugene Doty is renovating the upstairs of his home and office building into a cozy 288-square-foot modern farmhouse style loft.

The goal is to eventually rent it out to tourists as The McClellan House on Airbnb.

The airy color of the walls and cathedral vaulted ceiling create an illusion of more space so guests feel comfortable. And the room will be outfitted with new appliances and furniture.

The house itself has a touching story.

Shortly after marrying his late wife Joann in the mid 1970s, Doty built the asymmetrical duplex using his own imagination and antique pieces of old Rogers County like doors and stained glass windows.

For years he and his wife lived and worked on one side of the building while renting out the other.

“My wife and I used to travel a lot, and we always stayed in bed and breakfast inns,” Doty said.

Joann passed away in 2010, after 37 years of marriage and multiple international trips.

“She was tall and slim, very intelligent,” Doty said. “She was a class act.”

Eventually Doty expanded his architectural design business into the previously rented section of the duplex.

Traveling with friends in 2018, Doty stayed at a bed in breakfast in Amarillo where a copy of “The Airbnb Story,” by Leigh Gallagher sat on a coffee table.

Reading through the book he realized that a bed and breakfast was an attainable dream.

“About 14 months later, it may come to fruition,” Doty said.

Swiftly approaching 50 years in the architecture business, Doty said running a bed and breakfast on the side will be a good passive income for his upcoming retirement years.

“I’m not really doing it to make a lot of money,” Doty said. “I’m doing it because I love people, I love hosting, I think its fun, and I’ve got the space.”

“I’ve been cramming my brain full of four books on Airbnbs and getting all of their knowledge and advice,” Doty said. “My intent was to make it light a bright, cheerful, comfortable and relaxing.”

Doty said Claremore is perfectly suited for more development of this kind.

“We have a lot of history here,” Doty said. “Route 66, Will Rogers Memorial, the Gun Museum.”

“Airbnbs are really becoming popular,” Doty said. “A lot of people like staying in Airbnb because of the personality that they have. It’s not just a cookie cutter hotel or motel room.”

Features unique to The McClellan House Airbnb will be a private entry/exit to the unit, access to the outdoor living area and hot tub surrounded by an 8-foot privacy fence as well as an optional breakfast prepared by Doty.

The City of Claremore Board of Adjustments meeting, wherein city officials will decide whether or not to allow the bed and breakfast to continue is July 9. If approved, the bed and breakfast could be open for business by September.