City of Claremore

Three new faces will join the Claremore City Council.

Debbie Long (Ward I), Jonathan Eslick (Ward III) and Lindsey Erwin (Ward IV) were elected during Tuesday's election. Incumbent Justin Michael was re-elected in Ward II.

Each new councilor brings to the table ideas and changes they’d like to see.

Debbie Long said she’d like to see enhancements to the public safety departments, including fire and police.

“I think there are some needs as far as training and equipment that need to be addressed,” Long said.

Long said she plans to find out from the different department what their needs are and come up with a plan.

“A good example, that was brought up to me by other people, is we had a firefighter die in a flood,” she said. “And our firemen aren't trained for water rescue. Even after that. That doesn’t make sense to me.”

Eslick said his goals include engaging with younger generations within Claremore.

“I want to maximize and leverage the future in the form of Rogers State and Claremore High School,” he said.

Eslick said he wants people who may be in a transitional season of life to see Claremore as a permanent place to live and grow.

“How can we create a city with young people who are finding themselves here, because they live here or grew up here, that they can discover everything they want to do in their lives right here in Claremore,” he said.

Erwin said her goals are to be transparent and make sure the people feel as though their voices are being heard.

“The doors that I went to and the people that spent hours talking to me, they matter,” she said.

Erwin said she plans on learning how the dynamics of the issues regarding water, electricity and roads.

“I have to learn that stuff so I can effectively help the public,” she said.

Michael, Ward II, was the only incumbent of three to be re-elected.

“I’m pretty happy because everybody that I wanted to win got in and that means the people that were so much conflict for me are out,” he said. “Congratulations to Debbie Long, Jonathan Eslick and Lindsey Erwin. I think this is the start of a really bright future.”

Long served on the City Council 20 years ago.

“I am excited to get back up there and hit the ground running,” she said. “I’ve got a lot of positive changes I’d like to see in Claremore.”

Long said she decided not to run when her six-year term was over because she wanted to stay home with her kids.

“I decided not to run again, but I had plans to get back up there,” she said.

This time, Long said she was running for her grandkids.

“I want to make Claremore a place they’ll stay and raise their family,” she said. “That’s really how I feel.”

Erwin and Eslick have not served on a City Council before, but both said they are excited.

“I’m excited to learn the city and get more engrained in the community,” Eslick said. “I’m excited for the city. I think that people as a whole called out for change. I’m excited to be a part of the change that everybody’s looking for.”

Eslick has served on the Claremore Collective Attractions Committee.

“I’ve served in leadership roles, but this is my first time to really be on a council with this kind of responsibility,” he said.

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