Crews finish setting up the new 20 feet by 47 feet scoreboard at Lantow Field.

Claremore Public Schools installed a new scoreboard at Lantow Field, which they hope to unveil at Sunday's graduation weather permitting, Superintendent Bryan Frazier said.

The new Watchfire digital scoreboard has a full sound system and a 20 feet by 47 feet viewing area. Frazier said he hopes the new scoreboard is something that will have impacts on as many students and community members as possible.

“Hopefully it will be something that our community will be very proud of and something that's going to benefit all of our kids and that's really what we are trying to achieve,” he said.

The board replaced the previous 12-year-old scoreboard, which Frazier said had significant audio and visual problems.

“That [old] board was almost obsolete so it was very difficult to get any type of maintenance on the board itself,” he said. “It was also very difficult from a software perspective to even get something that we could enhance the digital format”

Frazier said he hopes the new scoreboard will be used in a variety of different ways, including for soccer and football games, graduation, community events and as a way to highlight video projects made by students. He said it might also be a great message board for the school.

“It is an incredibly high pixelated board so the quality of the picture that you are going to see is going to be amazing,” he said.

The scoreboard alone costs $548,000 and will be paid over the course of a 10-year lease purchase agreement. Frazier said because it is a lease purchase, the funds did not come out of the bond money or the general fund.

“The reality was we'll never be able to build a board cheaper than we can build it today because prices were going up, interest rates are going up price of money and products so that was really the determining factor of why we made the move and did a lease purchase,” he said.

The scoreboard is an investment for the school, Frazier said. With the upgraded capabilities of the new board, Frazier said there are many opportunities for advertising.

“The board is going to lend itself for us to be able to recapture some of that expense by way of advertising and the way that we can break out advertising,” Frazier said. “We can actually have live commercials that our students can go out and create for businesses....We can do a lot of different things with the board that will allow us to get creative in regards to advertising.”

Frazier said he hopes the new scoreboard will become a part of the Zebra experience and something students look forward to using.

“One of the things that we have to be very very careful of when we commit dollars to our district is we want to touch as many students as we possibly can with those funds,” he said.

With a chance for rain Sunday, it is unclear whether the board will be able to be used during this years graduation ceremony. Frazier said it was his goal to have the board running so that this year's graduates would get to enjoy it, considering the difficult few years COVID-19 caused the students.

Frazier said he looks forward to seeing all the different ways the scoreboard will be utilized.

“It has a very deep reaching effect for Claremore Public Schools, not just the football team,” he said.

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