Officials explain COVID numbers for county, Veteran’s Center

The number COVID-19 cases, deaths and recoveries are updated daily.

As these numbers grow, Rogers County Emergency Management's Steve Massey said there are some important factors to keep in mind.

Due to the way reporting is done, local COVID numbers could be higher than they seem.

He said after reports of the COVID outbreak at the Claremore Veteran's Center surfaced last week he saw countless people comparing those numbers to the county's numbers and determining that the bulk of the county's cases and deaths were centralized in one facility.

Massey said that's not exactly the case.

"In this instance, if the individual was a resident of Rogers County prior to admission in the Veteran's Center, that case or death would be reported in Rogers County," he explained. "If they were from another county, that case or death would be reported in that county, regardless of the fact that they live here now."

Massey added, "So, when the county's total number of deaths was 13, that is technically 13 plus and indeterminable number of veteran's center residents who resided in Rogers County.

And because of patient privacy laws, there is no way of knowing what percentage of the center's cases or deaths contribute to the county's total.

Saturday, Rogers County's total number of COVID cases climbed to 800, with 14 deaths.

When the newest numbers were released by the Oklahoma State Department of Health Monday afternoon, the total number of cases came in at 823, with 604 total recovered cases.

Numbers are updated daily at 11 a.m.

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