Oologah-Talala Emergency Medical Services Systems Manager Dave Davis presented COVID numbers to the Rogers County Board of County Commissioners during the regular meeting.

In Region 2 – which includes Craig, Delaware, Kay, Mayes, Noble, Nowata, Osage, Ottawa, Pawnee, Payne, Rogers, and Washington counties – there is one COVID ICU bed available and one non-COVID ICU bed available.

Davis said there are five med-surge beds available and 17 non-COVID med-surge beds available.

“We’re looking good compared to the rest of the state,” Davis said.

Davis said in Region 7 – which is just Tulsa County – nothing is available. Davis said there is one emergency room hold for a COVID patient and 10 non-COVID patents are being held.

“Statewide, we’re the only only one with a bed available in the state for COVID,” he said. “There are three ICU beds available in the entire state."

Davis said throughout the state there are 42 med-surge beds available and 88 non-COVID med-surge beds available.

“In the state, they’re holding six COVID patients in the ER cause they have nowhere to place them,” he said.

There are 24 non-COVID patients also waiting for placement, he said.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had five patients pass away while being held in the ER waiting for bed placement,” he said.

For the last two months, 68 patients have been transferred – which is a 61 percent decrease then the previous two months, Davis said.

“We’re looking pretty good there,” he said

Davis said in the past three weeks they have dropped from 10-12 transfer requests a week to one patient transfer request per week.

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