The board of trustees for the Town of Oologah voted last week to conduct a full inventory of town property for the purposes of conducting more transparent annual town audits.

Each of the town’s main departments, police, fire, maintenance and clerk/treasurer, were instructed to inventory to take and record an inventory of its assets, and then maintain that inventory into the future, to be completed by the first meeting in February.

“Now that we are caught up on our audits, this will probably start to be integrated anyway,” said Town Clerk and Treasurer Holly Baker, explaining the necessity of the inventory to trustees. “Under normal audit processes, the auditor will pull purchase orders for equipment or tools, and they’ll want to see that matched with the real thing.”

Baker said the town will also need to create a formal process by which items are disposed in order to show why they no longer exist among the town’s possessions.

The formal disposal mechanism was not further addressed during the meeting.

“We don’t have any such system, either in my office, the police department, or the maintenance department,” Baker said.

The sewer plant had a system, but it lapsed in use in recent years and needs to be updated.

“We have a shop full of tools, and we’re not sure exactly what we have in there,” said Mayor George Peters.

“Basically, the purpose is to show the auditor that we didn’t buy a monitor and then Holly took it home and stuck it in her house,” Baker said. “Now is the perfect time to do this,” Baker said. “We need to go ahead and get a system started and then keep going. It just needs to be a requirement.”

After a lengthy discussion of which items should be inventoried and how the inventory should be conducted, it was decided that the various department heads should be responsible for creating and maintaining a spreadsheet of their valuable and important assets.