The town of Oologah will vote Tuesday on a proposition to make the town clerk/treasurer position an appointed position, as opposed to an elected position.

Currently, the town clerk/treasurer must live within the city limits of Oologah and be elected by the people of Oologah to serve out a 4-year term.

If the proposition passes, the town clerk/treasurer would be appointed by and removed by the town board of trustees, and would not be required to live within city limits.

Discussion and approval of this proposition by the Oologah Board of Trustees began in Dec., 2018.

If approved by voters, the change would take place at the end of Clerk/Treasurer Holly Baker’s current term of office in 2023.

Baker said she is on the fence about the proposition, detailing the pros and cons of the change.

“I completely realize that in small towns like ours, there is a small pool to find someone who is a. willing to run and b. has the educational background to do the job,” Baker said. “But I can also see where having a person who is handling the financial end of things should be an elected position, to keep checks and balances in place.”

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