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Oklahoma State University has partnered with Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma (CCEOK) to help with the relocation and settlement of up to 40 Afghan families who were evacuated by the United States government after the fall of the Afghan government.

CCEOK was notified in early September that assistance was needed to resettle the evacuees in the Stillwater area. OSU and CCEOK are working together to support these families with CCEOK as the lead agency on the Afghan Families-Stillwater Project. OSU’s response is being led by the School of Global Studies and Partnerships and includes coordination with OSU’s academic and auxiliary departments, including Student Affairs, Residential Life, OSU Parking and Transit and others.

The first group of Afghan refugees will arrive on campus in early November and will be housed in approximately 25 unoccupied Residential Life units. Although the families’ full needs are still not certain, CCEOK and OSU are working on providing English as a second language training through the English Language and Intercultural Center, transportation through the OSU community bus network, adult and child programming through the Family Resource Center, assistance with food and furniture drives and volunteer translation services offered by international and other student groups at OSU.

Donations are requested.

These families, many with young children, are arriving with nothing but the clothes on their backs. OSU is seeking the help of faculty, staff and students to assist with a warm community welcome for these families. CCEOK is seeking household items such as furniture, dinnerware, linens, toiletries and more, monetary donations and gift cards to provide long-term assistance for these families.

A website has been created to provide ongoing updates, answer frequently asked questions and to coordinate assistance needed for this project. Learn more at global.okstate.edu/afghan-project/index.html.

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