Pafford Medical Services runs six ambulances out of Claremore that cover all of Rogers County and provide assisting mutual aid to surrounding communities.

The company is tasked with providing emergency medical services to more than 90,000 people.

“The technology and equipment used to save lives changes constantly, so we have to invest in the equipment that will help us save lives in the community,” said Pafford Community Outreach Coordinator Mechele Cruz.

The Claremore location recently acquired a new ambulance to replace a retired one, new cots for each and new high-tech cardiac monitors. There are also plans to update the ventilators in the trucks, combining several breathing apparatus into one machine, saving valuable space.

Pafford ambulances are unique in that there is a ventilator inside each one, which is not an industry standard.

The new cardiac monitors can test for multiple types of vital data and can record treatments as they’re administered. The machine has direct hook ups for a pacer or shock as needed, and can pre-calculate vital information for adults, children and infants, meaning the paramedic is free to focus on administering treatment instead of doing math.

“New equipment means fewer people needed in the truck,” said Paramedic Jason Johnson. When there are several emergency personnel in the truck attempting to administer life support, the likelihood that someone will make a mistake or that emergency crews will trip over each other goes up.

Both the monitors and ventilators are designed to reduce the number of hands needed to save a life.

“Pafford is dedicated to providing the highest quality care and treatment to those that use our services,” Cruz said.

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