Fifth graders at Roosa Elementary participated in a colorful science experiment this week that they won’t soon forget.

Vona Cardwell pioneered the science lesson being taught in every fifth grade class across the district on STEM Fridays.

“We use hot air balloons to teach students about buoyancy, air molecules and air pressure,” Cardwell said.

Students explained that heat causes air molecules within the balloons to bounce against the walls faster and faster. The increasing air pressure that results causes the balloon to become more buoyant and fly into the air.

As the air inside the balloon cools down and escapes, the balloon comes back down to earth.

Students made the balloons themselves out of tissue paper, stick glue and staples.

The hot air machines and propane tank were paid for with a grant from the Claremore School Foundation awarded earlier this year.

They got to work quickly as cold weather and low wind are necessary for the balloons to fly.

The look of wonder in the kids faces as the watched their balloons fly up into the air was evident.

They were having so much fun that they didn’t seem too mind when their balloons got stuck in a tree and trapped on the roof.