Children locked outside in 39-degree weather without coats drew the attention of Claremore residents who called 911.

Claremore Police Department got to the residence of Christina Chesny and found "children locked outside in 39-degree weather without coats, while Chesny was inside her car talking on the phone."

CPD records say, "neighbors said Christina was on the phone for over an hour while the kids banged on the front door."

This same month, a pizza delivery driver found one of the children in the roadway and returned him home, noting that he left the child with other children because the parents were not home, according to CPD.

Records also show nearby neighbors called six other times to report the kids playing in the roadway unsupervised. Department of Human Services removed the children from the home and a safety plan was put in place through August 2019, according to CPD records.

On Oct. 18, a driver told officers "she and her husband were driving on Highway 88 in Claremore when a 2-year old ran into the road. She said her husband had to slam on the brakes to avoid running over the child."

They told officers the child was "only wearing a jumper and a diaper, and was not wearing pants or shoes."

Officers note the Chesny home is over 270-yards from the highway where the child was almost hit.

Officers said they went to the residence that day to check on the well-being of the other children.

"Officers observed that nearly every room in the home contained a child's bed with exposed wires. There was an overwhelming odor of cat urine, and live wasps flying around the kitchen and dead wasps in the bedroom. An unloaded handguns as found in a drawer within reach of the children with a bullet next to the gun," CPD records show.

Chesney reportedly told officers the "home was unsuitable for children and that their family was previously investigated in another state because the children got out of the house unsupervised and because of the home and living conditions of the home."

Chesny's bond was originally set at $40,000.

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